I draw The Garlicks pages using blue, red and black Prismacolor pencils. Specifically, PC904 (light cerulean blue), PC924 (crimson red), and PC935 (black). The blue is to establish basic shapes, expressions, and attitude. The red is to tighten up the blue and add details, the black pulls everything together.

When I draw and paint, I snap pictures of the work in progress with my iPhone. I’m in the habit of tweeting these right away (along with pictures of my cats, grousing about not having a boyfriend, and crazy dreams I had), but it’s a habit that made my attention span for writing shorter than spring break. (More on Twitter and bad writing habits another time.) I’m still taking the work in progress pictures, but saving them to share here along with exercising my poor atrophied blogging muscles. So.

Here’s page 3 after I’ve blue- and red-penciled it (with pencils laid on it for artsy effect):

















Here’s that page with the drawing about two-thirds finished:

















Once all the drawing’s been done, there’s still scanning, adjusting, lettering, tweaking. The drawing’s the hardest part for me, so those things are like a vacation!

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